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Get Found Online. Life coaches, fitness experts, people who run events. We support professionals.

People search online before going offline to buy. We help you connect with them when they search.

“I cannot thank Diane enough for her assistance as I am pleased to say that since the website has been online I’ve received a regular number of enquiries [for chess classes in South and North West London] that’s increased week on week.”

Richard Weekes

Founder, Richard Weekes Chess Academy

We have worked with Diane for a number of years now and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is looking to build their online presence.  Marketing is not our area of expertise and we had no real idea of how to get started. Diane has taken the stress out of online marketing and has gained us great rankings for our local business. Professional and friendly, working with Diane is very easy and she continually provides good tips and advice.  Thank you! Carol Petersen

Personal Trainer, Clapham Gym

Are you a local business owner who works alone and/or at home? Maybe you run a local shop or provide a service (e.g. personal trainer) and rely on local customers. Our business blog platform for local business owners could be just what you need.

Managing your WordPress website on your own can be a frustrating and confusing experience (not to mention time consuming) when you get stuck and you are not sure what to do next. Plus, how do you optimise your website to ensure it is found online?

Ready To Build Something Together?

Your expertise and our search engine optimisation skills

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As a member you receive WordPress support and local search engine optimisation (SEO) services to help your business get found by people searching online. You can spend hours (and years) working on your business blog and wonder why nothing is happening. Your WordPress website on this business blog platform means we optimise not just your site, but the content you write, making sure your content appears in the search results.

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No matter how small your business, even if you work from home, your WordPress website needs  to be to be optimised so you get found online. If someone is out there searching its our job to connect them to your local business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions we answer for prospective customers. If you have any others feel free to click here and complete our enquiry form.

I am not in the UK can I join?

Right now, this site is only for local businesses based in the United Kingdom.

Benefits of becoming a member

What are the benefits to you and your business if you become a member of this WordPress blogging platform?

Immediate access to help and support. Got questions? Get them answered. Whether you are confused about what your keywords are, you want to put together an eBook, or you have questions about how to write a blog post. As long as you have a WordPress/online marketing related question, if we can help we definitely will.

I remember being new online and how confusing/time consuming it was to do the easiest thing. I wish I had access to someone who could help (or do it for me) so I could get on with running my business. That is why I am now offering this service to you.

Trying to figure something out is one of the biggest ways a person who works alone can waste hours, days or even weeks. Now all you have to do is send an email and get help/WordPress support.

Never have to worry about maintenance and updating everything. We take care of that for you so you can relax and save yourself the time and frustration.

Get your search engine optimisation done for you. Each month we spend 90 minutes updating the SEO on your site, any new pages you added and your content. This regular updating adds up over the year. Your site becomes fully optimised so that each blog post is working to help you get found.

Enjoy discounts off our WordPress workshops and events. is run by Little Fish Digital Media who provide WordPress workshops. members receive a coupon and can attend at a reduce rate.

Get access to video training and downloads. Any workshops put on and handouts given out will be made available in your members area so you can learn things like how to create content for your blog. There are also videos on how to use the theme, how to write a blog post and other how to topics.


Features of becoming a member

Looking for practical information on the features available when you join our blogging business platform? Here it is:

  • Access to professional and modern WordPress themes to ensure a professional look
  • Responsive themes – whether someone is looking at your site on a computer or a mobile phone your site will automatically adjust its size to fit.
  • Professional plugins. Get access to a range of professional plugins that will enhance the functionality of your website.
  • Need to sell products or events? An ecommerce cart is available so you can do just that.
  • Share your content around the web with a professional social media plugin. Add as many or as few accounts as you like and generate new visitors using social media.
  • Already got a WordPress blog? Its easy to export what you already have and import it onto our platform. We are here to help and depending on your membership option we may even do it for you.
  • Measure your success. Connect your analytics account to your blog so you are always aware of how many people visit and how they find you. You can’t improve what you are not measuring.
  • Ongoing email support available. Just send in your request and help is at hand. Skype support also available depending on membership.
I don't want clients, what about me?

Not everyone wants to bring in new customers. You may want to use your web presence to build your credibility and enhance your visibility.

Maybe you are running as a local councillor or you are fundraising for a charity/community group.

You can add your social media accounts to your WordPress website and use your blog to write about your current activities and campaigns.

Maybe your blogging business needs to be developed so it can attract advertisers and/or sponsors.

Whether you are looking to be found within a local area and/or to build a blogging business that you can develop and earn revenue from, then we can help you with that

Do I need a domain name?

No. If your business is new and you don’t have a domain name that’s fine, you can use our url. Your blog will be Of course we recommend you buy a domain name and are happy to help you choose one that will be right for your local business. In the meantime join anyway and get your site up.

Can I join if I already have a WordPress blog

Yes. If you have a blog on or a self-hosted WordPress blog you can download your existing content and upload it to your new WordPress website on this platform. Help is available to do that should you need it.

It is quite expensive, isn't it?

If you find paying a monthly fee to run your blogging business is too expensive, save money and pay less by subscribing for 3 or 12 months.

Remember, in exchange for your monthly fee we are going to help you find new customers, bring in work to your business and ensure experts in your field (e.g. food, fitness, beauty etc) find you by carrying out search engine optimisation.

How much is a new customer worth to you? Is it worth paying our monthly fee in exchange for a new customer?

As a micro business you may work alone without employees and maybe you work from home too. How much time are you spending trying to work out how to do simple things on your WordPress website (if you have one)?

Is it worth the monthly fee to know help is always on hand when you need it? We help you create your WordPress website and if you get really stuck we may even do a few bits for you.

Very few business owners succeed without investing in their business. Your monthly subscription is an investment in you and your blogging business.

Will I definitely get new clients

We can’t make any promises about exactly what will happen, how quickly or how many.  What we do know is if we follow a set of proven blogging practices and procedures the search engines will love you.

One of those practices our business blogging platform recommends is to add quality content.

Content that people will enjoy reading and sharing. Content can be images, video or written. As long as you are willing to create content we are willing to use search engine optimisation to ensure that content gets found.

That is what we promise to do for you.

How long it takes is, unfortunately, different for everyone and in the hands of Google and the other search engines.

What we do know is that members who blog CONSISTENTLY (minimum 3 times a week) see results within their first three months and then receive ongoing enquiries after that.

The great thing is everything you write will be around for YEARS. Unlike an advert in your local paper that is around for a week and then disappears your great content will help you get found over and over again.

I sell products. Is this for me?

Absolutely.  Whether you sell services or products our platform can help you promote your business online using your WordPress website.

Even if you sell soap or you are promoting your self-published book the membership fee is such great value that its worth investing in it just to enjoy the support and peace of mind you will experience. Plus the search engine optimisation service you receive each month makes this membership a high value one.

Not only might you sell your products but you may also receive enquiries from people looking for an expert in your field.

When you are generously sharing what you know stuff like that happens. An opportunity to speak, a chance to be interviewed, these are the ‘extras’ that come from having an optimised online profile.

I have a website, can I just have a WordPress blog?

Yes. You can create a WordPress blog on this platform and link back to your website. It is always better to have your blog on your own hosting with your website but if that is not possible, or if you just like the support we offer on here, you can create a blog on this platform and use it to drive visitors to your website.


I just wanted to let you know that I got my first PR enquiry for VA Bella Beauty today from a company who is organising a pamper day event at The Mall [Luton] on Sunday. They found my blog and contacted me to take part in the fashion sessions on the day. They are even going to pay me for the day.


Venessa Afonja

Beauty & Fashion Blogger, VA Bella Beauty

All-In-One Solution

You get a professional looking WordPress website with ongoing support and maintenance. Need help with writing your content. No problem. Not sure about how best to optimise your site and content. No problem, because we do that bit for you. Something not working? Get in touch. Got a WordPress support question? Get it answered.

Everything you need to ensure you enjoy fast and reliable support, plus help with other aspects of running your WordPress website is included in your membership.

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This WordPress business blog platform is run by a qualified digital marketing specialist who knows what it takes to get found online.

You need a business blog that the search engines bring up in the search results not only when people are looking for a service/product but also when a company/mainstream media are looking for an expert on a particular topic.

Call Diane Corriette on 07745 858483 if you have any specific questions about becoming a member or using digital marketing to generate more visitors to your website.

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