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for micro-business owners who have no idea how to (and don’t want to) set up and optimise their business blog

The digital age has opened the door to new ways for you to bring in new business, but it’s labour-intensive work that consumes your time. Done incorrectly your site will never be found and you will be left confused and frustrated.

So, you stick with what you know. You advertise in your local paper or you spend hours handing out leaflets. You go out and you find your customers.

Trouble is, your customers are looking for you on the internet right now, all you need is the help and support to start your own web presence using a WordPress site.

business blogging platformThat is where this business blogging platform comes in…

When you register to join, setting up a WordPress site is done for you. That includes adding content, information about your business/services and more.

One less thing for you to worry about.

Another very important task that is done for you is search engine optimisation (SEO).

The best looking site in the world is nothing if no one can find it.  SEO is time consuming and all you want to do is run your business.

Well, every month local search engine optimisation (seo) will be done for you to ensure you are optimised in a way that will make it easier for the search engines to connect you with people searching.

FACT: In 2013 68.1% of Brits used their computer to search, 24% a mobile & 6.8% a tablet. Mobile audience at 49,500. Online audience increased by 5% in the UK. 

business blogging platform

Local people take to their computers, laptops, mobiles and handheld devices to search online.

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Sick and tired of struggling alone? Then join us

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“I cannot thank Diane enough for her assistance as I am pleased to say that since the website has been online I’ve received a regular number of enquiries [for chess classes in South and North West London] that’s increased week on week. ” Richard Weekes

Founder, Richard Weekes Chess Academy

Get your micro-business noticed by people searching online and turn them into customers. 

No matter how small your business, even if you work from home, you need  to be online and you need to be optimised so you get found online.

Whether you provide a service or you promote and sell products, being based on this business blogging platform means exceptional and ongoing support whenever you need it.

Register now and join this growing platform of business owners who appreciate the support they receive in making digital marketing work for their business.

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Sick and tired of struggling alone? Then join us

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