When you first start your local business website your focus will be on adding new content to your blog. You might also focus on getting into a routine of regular updates.

Don’t panic about being overwhelmed. It’s quite natural. This is all new and you have your business to run but it will be worth it when the first lead hits your inbox! The key to making your local business website work is to focus on using your blog.

Below I share four important things to focus when it comes to developing the blog on your website.

1. Content – keyword quality

Your local business website needs content to be added via your blog, but it must have a keyword focus as often as possible.

For example, simply writing a blog post that has a title which says “join us at our next event” will mean nothing to the search engines. It is better if you tell them what “us” actually means. Remember local people are searching because they are looking for a service or product.

It will also help if you mention what the event is because local people are searching for specific products and services. It makes it easier for your local event to be found if you mention it and the area it will be running in.

A blog title that says

“Join the East London business group for our next networking event”

Is a much better title. It tells the search engines (and the person searching) that:

1. You are an East London business group ( they may know that already from previous blog posts).

2. Your next event is a business networking event.

Another example – if you write a blog post that says “Find out about the great treatment your family pet will receive with us” – needs improving. While the search engines may have some idea of what you do based on your website description you want them to know more than that.

To ensure they feature your local business website in the top of the search results when someone local is searching you want to focus more on something like this…

Our dog grooming company will walk your dog around Battersea Park.

Now the search engines know you are not a business that looks after any pet but your focus is on dogs. They know you are a dog grooming company. They also know that people based in and/or local to Battersea are your preferred customers.

Therefore anyone living in Battersea who searches is more likely to find your dog grooming company.

Keywords within your blog post are important for your website and local business blog. You may not be able to get it perfect every single time but do your best to write this way as often as possible. Just remember not to go crazy and over load your content with keywords.

2. Social spreading – spreading content around the web

Giving people who read your blog post an opportunity to share it on social networks like Twitter and Facebook is important. You also want to go some way towards spreading your content yourself and/or having someone do it for you.

You can ask family, friends, current customers, past customers in your local area. Ask them to take a look at your content and share it with the people they know.

Whenever you share a link make sure it brings people back to your WordPress website or blog as often as possible. What you want to do is get people off Facebook (or any other social media site) and on to your business website.

You want those visitors coming to your site so it increases the number of visitors you attract. The more visitors you get visiting the more active your site is. When your site is active the search engines are more likely to bring you up in the search results.

They love active, busy sites.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – link building in particular

Part of your business blog strategy MUST include search engine optimisation (SEO). In particular link building because the search engines use it as one way to determine your importance.

There are a number of different ways to build links to your business website.

The importance/relevance of different link building strategies seem to change every year. What worked 3 years ago may not be as relevant now so be careful with what you choose to adopt.

One of the best ways to still get links is to get other people talking about you.

When you write great content and someone references it on their site or social media presence that gets visitors coming back to your website.

This is still a great way to build links. Local people in particular mentioning they visited your business on their blog and linking back to your website – that is gold!

4. Conversion Rate

Maybe one of the most neglected parts of running a local business website is looking into your conversion rate. That is the number of people who take action on your website.

Examples are a person who completes a form and ask you to get in touch with them. Another one is someone who signs up for your newsletter or who calls your business number.

You can also include things like the number of people that sign up for any free gifts you offer. Or the number of people who Like your Facebook page.

First, you need to decide what is most important for you to receive. Are you looking for leads, followers or subscribers. Once you know that you can measure your results based on the number of visitors that come to your website.

There are many variables that go into measuring your conversion rate. One of the simplest ones is to look at the number of people who visit and compare that to the number of people who get in touch.

So if 100 people visit your blog in a month and 2 people get in touch you have a 2% conversion rate.

I often get asked what a good conversion rate is for a local business website. From the training I have gone through 5% seems to be an acceptable figure. You are doing well if you can convert 5% of the people who visit your site into taking action.

In my opinion these are the four very important aspects of running a local business website and blog. They must be taken into account if you are going to successfully generate a constant flow of new leads and enquiries.