When you are ready to take your content further than just written blog posts you might want to consider video marketing. In particular a great way to create video content is by using talking head video.

Using video is a great way to connect with potential customers as well as show what you know.

I use talking-head videos. These are videos that just contain the top part of my body. Usually shoulder and up.

I record a topic and then add it to the Zestizm YouTube channel.

In the video below MrFilmideo he explains how to setup a great talking head video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iJ5SqLtevo?rel=0]

Some of the tips he shares includes:

  • Make sure you have lighting and you light your scene with diffuse lighting. I got myself two professional video lighting boxes.
  • Put the camera on a tripod. Nothing worse than watching a video that shakes.
  • Make sure the camera is on the same eyeline so the camera is looking at the same height as your eyes
  • Avoid the internal microphone of the camera. use an external microphone
  • Stand the camera 2.5 metres (98 inches) away
  • Make sure you record HD 1920 x 1080. I had to buy a new Panasonic X920 HD camcorder because my old sony one didn’t record HD navigate to this site. It has been a learning curve for me.

Talking Head Video

Why make a talking head video?

When you are learning how to create, record and edit video it is a time consuming process. You might wonder why you should bother. How does a talking head video help your business?

In the video below Problogger’s Darren Rowse goes through some of the reasons he loves producing video including:

  • The personal connection – people feel like they know you because they see your face and hear your voice
  • Video can make a great impression.
  • Engage with a different type of audience compared to those who just read your blog text. Some people learn better through seeing and hearing than from reading.
  • certain types of messages do better via video than through text e.g. gardener or craft.
  • Having video and text can lead to higher conversions and different types of engagement.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH001e0X5Lk?rel=0]

I am currently putting together a new talking head video that includes my lights and microphone. In the past I relied on the internal mic of the camera and room lighting. Now I know better I can do better.

My Zestizm Channel

Zestizm is my brand. I sell my network marketing business products through this brand.

I use my videos to make a video and leave links in the description to cover what I do.