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When you are ready to take your content further than just written you might want to consider video marketing generally and talking head video in particular.

Using video is a great way to connect with potential customers as well as show what you know.

I use talking-head videos. These are videos that just contain the top part of my body. Usually shoulder and up.

I record a topic and then add it to the influencer digital marketing YouTube channel.

In the video below MrFilmideo he explains how to setup a great talking head video

Some of the tips he shares includes:

  • Make sure you have lighting and you light your scene with diffuse lighting. I got myself two professional video lighting boxes.
  • Put the camera on a tripod. Nothing worse than watching a video that shakes.
  • Make sure the camera is on the same eyeline so the camera is looking at the same height as your eyes
  • Avoid the internal microphone of the camera. use an external microphone
  • Stand the camera 2.5 metres (98 inches) away
  • Make sure you record HD 1920 x 1080. I had to buy a new Panasonic X920 HD camcorder because my old sony one didn’t record HD. It has been a learning curve for me.

Talking Head Video

Why make a talking head video?

When you are learning how to create, record and edit video it is a time consuming process so you might wonder why you should bother. How does a talking head video help your business?

In the video below Problogger’s Darren Rowse goes through some of the reasons he loves producing video including:

  • The personal connection – people feel like they know you because they see your face and hear your voice
  • Video can make a great impression
  • Engage with a different type of audience compared to those who just read your blog text. Some people learn better through seeing and hearing than from reading.
  • certain types of messages do better via video than through text e.g. gardener or craft
  • Having video and text can lead to higher conversions and different types of engagement

I am currently putting together a new talking head video that includes my lights and microphone. In the past I relied on the internal mic of the camera and room lighting. Now I know better I can do better.

The video below is one of my old personal development videos made back in 2011

using affirmations to build self confidence by Diane_Corriette

Now I am using my new equipment and making a different kind of video. I just need to work on my editing skills.

I would like a dark background or some colour in the background but otherwise I am happy with the result so far. I will also pan and crop more so that I am closer to the screen. I don’t usually like to be right up in front of it like the Problogger video above but I think it looks better than having too much white space.

Have you tried or are you thinking about video marketing for your local business? Do you think you might try a talking head video yourself?

I will be making digital marketing and WordPress related videos including how to create content and other similar topics so subscribe to the influencer digital marketing YouTube channel to stay in touch.

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