Vision building focuses on creating a clear image of where you want to be in the future. You can write that vision down in the form of a vision statement. This statement can be used to help you motivate yourself when things get difficult.

It helps to take part in vision building if you run your own business. You will find it helps should things get tough. There will be days when people you contact will keep saying no to what you offer. Although every ‘no’ can be seen a learning experience rather than a rejection. Still, at these difficult times you may find that having a vision helps to keep you going.

I love this quote

If your thinking is sloppy, your business will be sloppy. If you are disorganized, your business will be disorganized. If you are greedy, your employees will be greedy, giving you less and less of themselves and always asking for more.  – Michael Gerber E-myth revisited

Vision Building

Your vision statement will be used as a guideline that you base all your future strategic business decisions on. It will help you focus on where you want to go.  It focuses very firmly on the future. It will inspire you and provide you with a criteria for making decisions about your business.

It could possibly be timeless e.g. To end homelessness. It could be something you know you will achieve in your lifetime, e.g. to travel the world. Because you have a vision it will guide everything you do in your business.

My Vision

Let me share my vision which I have mentioned on my blogs for some time now

My children, my partner, my laptop, and living anywhere in the world. Being able to open my laptop and run my business online. I earn a large monthly income from the work I do online and off. I write, speak, and run workshops in the areas of personal development and online marketing.”

Because of my vision there are a few things I am very clear about:

  • I don’t want to be running a huge business with loads of staff. I want to be free from being tied down to one particular location
  • Going back to work full-time is not an option. When things were tough I thought about getting a full-time job. However, I realised doing that would take my focus away from achieving this vision.
  • The majority of my income will come from using the internet. Although I still have plans to speak and run workshops in whichever country I live in.
  • A strong presence online is essential. An audience of customers, readers, and listeners of my material who know, like and trust me.
  • Whatever I sell online must not take up too time in customer support! (Which means I will NEVER sell software 🙂 )

Develop a system

After defining that vision there were seven things I was very clear on. They related to choosing the systems I use to earn a living online and that was

  • I need to use blogs because I love writing. They can help me build my authority. They are the best way for people to get to know me without having to sign up for anything.
  • Network marketing will be one of my income earners because I can sell products to earn an income. I can also build residual income through my team.
  • Video and audio (podcasts) will be essential. They can provide me with an easy way to get my message about, build my list and again help people to get to know, like and trust me.
  • Information products (writing my own) can provide me with passive income once I am ready to produce my own.
  • Writing my own books and having them published will enhance my status as an authority. It will also provide another income source – especially through self publishing.
  • Selling my own services such as installing affordable WordPress websites will offer an income. Gaining work as a paid speaker and trainer will also provide some income wherever I am in the world. I need to make sure though that it does not become my only income source.
  • Membership sites and continuity programs can play a part in helping me build my business.

I managed to build a vision of what my business will look like. I made sure I was clear on what it will include and how it will run based on a vision that is less than 100 words in length!

First Things First

Thanks to my vision building my decision making and strategic planning is now easier. I know my only focus is on the things I mentioned above, which means I am not going to teach eBay, or try and make money. I am not going to be an Adwords specialist or create and sell software.

For the next  five years (this is my five year vision from 2016-2021) I have my focus. It includes video, blogging, building my authority/online presence and writing. Plus, network marketing, my own products, and mentoring/coaching.

You now need to look at vision building and creating a vision statement if you do not already have one. Remember it should always focus on the future. It is important that it inspires you into action and makes you feel scared, but excited, at the same time.

Build Your Vision

To start vision building focus on things that you are good at and that you love to do as a hobby and/or work. You can also focus on what service you can provide. Then you look at what market you can bring that to and what it is that market wants.

Hopefully when you look at what you can do and what the market wants there will be some link between the two. This information will help you focus on building your business online.

I do not know you so I can not guide you on this and you are the best advisor for what you need anyway. So, take a look at your current situation and make a decision on what you want to achieve based on where you are now.